Syinstruktioner till kavajliknande jacka för män

Syinstruktionerna till en kavajliknande jacka för män:

Beskrivning av vad syinstruktionerna innehåller

Det här är syinstruktionerna till en kavajliknande jacka för män.
Den är relativt enkel att sy.

Den är längre bak och har ett kortare framstycke med dragkedja.

Mönsterdelar till framstycket

Mönsterdelar finns till fodrade kanter. Jackan kan sys med foder eller utan.
Mönsterdelar till de olika bakstyckena
Du kan välja mellan några olika utformningar bland mönsterdelarna. Jackan kan sys med antingen rakt bakstycke eller en svagt rundad rygglinje. Du har också två olika ärmar att välja på: en vanlig rak och en svagt böjd ärm. Båda kan sys med ribbstickad mudd eller utan.Mönsterdelar till de två olika ärmarna

Den böjda ärmen sys av två mönsterdelar medan den vanliga raka ärmen sys av en del.Rak ribbstickad krageRibbstickad krage med högt nackparti
Det finns två olika kragalternativ: en med en rak linje och en med ett högre mittparti. Denna ger en högre linje over nacken och är framför allt tänkt för en jacka med svagt rundad rygglinje. Kragen med högre mittparti bör sys I ribbstickat tyg. Ett tyg utan elasticitet är inte tillräcklig töjbart och gör det svårt att få en snygg linje.
Krage i jackans tyg
Bland mönsterdelarna finns mönster för ärmmudd om du väljer att sy en sådan i ribbstickat tyg. Om du istället väljer att sy en vanlig rak ärm utan mudd ska du tänka på detta när du klipper ut tyget till ärmarna. Ärmmudd
Slutligen finns det mönsterdelar för foderkanter till jackans fall. Du har två olika mönster för bakstycke att välja på. Den ena används för ett rakt bakstycke. Den andra används för ett bakstycke med svagt böjd rygglinje.

23 Responses to Syinstruktioner till kavajliknande jacka för män

  1. Wanyae skriver:

    may you please send more instructions on how to do this product.

    • susanne skriver:

      We will need to know what parts of the sewing instructions that are unclear to try to provide better information.

  2. Vishal Somwanshi skriver:

    Dear sir,
    I want detail information

  3. Tunji Bankole skriver:

    how many inches must the front facing have, at most? And is it compulsory to have a princess darts both at d front & at the back.

    • susanne skriver:

      There are no princes darts on the front piece of the suit jacket. (The line you see at the sleeve hole is a mark to match up with the line on the sleeve piece so this will be put in right.) The back piece only have princess darts if you have chosen the alternative with the curved back -on this the tucks (princess darts) are necessary. There’s a pattern for front facing but you can sew the jacket without facing if you want to. Don’t really know what would happen if you just make the facing smaller as I think it would depend on the fabric you use. You could try making it really small and if it cause trouble you might have to just use vlisiline to prevent it from ”curling” or puckering.

  4. amusa alliy skriver:

    how do i cut suit and trouser

    • susanne skriver:

      Read the instructions provided. If this is not enough for you, you will have to find someone where you live that can show you how to do it.

  5. Genefas milano skriver:

    Are there any formulars in the cutting of suits like 10plus the trouser length gives the full length of ones suit

    • susanne skriver:

      We’ve gotten some help from outside to try to make instructions how to adapt the pants pattern to plus size. We will put this up in new section of the website for ”untested” patterns and adaptation (our current funding doesn’t cover addition to the patterns side of the site so we need help to do the testing as we’ve no ”test pilots” for this.

      How to adapt the pants patterns will probably be up sometime in the next month or so. I’ll send you an email when it’s up and running. We would really appreciate any help in testing it.

  6. Max skriver:

    Thanks for the sewing instructions. Looks like a great post. Do you know of any resources, or can you provide any clarification on taking measurements and fitting different body types?

    • susanne skriver:

      We’ve tried to explain it as best we can in the links under ”Important to read…” To get a truly individualized pattern you need to use the instructions and sew a sample garment. Sorry, we tried but we simply can’t see how to make it easier.

  7. Jon Oeltjen skriver:

    How do you obtain this pattern

  8. tunde skriver:

    Thanks for the instructions but the collar pattern is different from what i’v comed across while learning. I’v been taught that the back neck goes an inch down, therefore cuttin d collar d same way by letting it slant an inch instead being straight like you have instructed in the above. Thank you

    • susanne skriver:

      This is a very basic pattern. Adapting it to include different design elements is entirely possible so whatever you have learnt will probably work here too – UNLESS it effects the actual adaptation, f.ex. a curved back or raised collar line. I don’t really understand your question/point ??? so it’s hard to answer/comment.
      Why don’t you come back when you’ve figured out an alternative solution/pattern that works with our adaptations. If it’s tried and tested, I am sure all of us will want to know about it and I will gladly put it up on our site.
      Best /Susanne

  9. Rume skriver:

    I want to sew a complete suit but without the waist coat but the patterns I see here are for men’s jackets.where can I get a step by step approach to cutting out the patterns and sewing a two piece suit for men?

    • susanne skriver:

      Suit = jacket + pants.
      You’ll be able to figure it out from there. It’s not that complicated.

  10. Manny skriver:

    thanks for this lovely info susanne. more of something like this please.

    • susanne skriver:

      Sorry for being missing in action . Now …

      Thanks for lovely feedback Manny. I’m in the process of uploading for the next couple of months but after that who knows … we are feeling ever so slightly fashionfreaked out.

  11. Kingsley skriver:

    Please Sir, I wanted to download the instructions for men’s suit style jacket but there is no download buttons under the instruction. What should I do?

  12. Glen skriver:

    dear Sir/Madam
    I am writing t you in regards to the mens suit style jacket which you offer on your website.

    Could you please advise me as to weather or not this pattern includes a seam allowed or if this indeed needs to be added as i am about to start working on altering the patterns

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